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Damaging your phone can ruin your week. Especially if you are a business owner or have a sales position. Although the

Computer Service Specialists provides super fast and inexpensive cell phone repair services. Sometimes accidents happen and that is where we come in. Cracked screens, battery replacement, audio jack malfunction or any other type of damage from water exposure or damage from dropping we can fix it. Call us for a free estimate of service (585) 484-8000. In most cases, we can have your phone up and running again on the same day.


We know the feeling. It has happened to all of us at least once. If you haven't experienced it yourself, you know someone else who has. We tend to overlook how reliant we are on the technology that seamlessly connects us to the rest of the world. When our access to the internet is abruptly removed from our life most of us need to resolve this immediately. The problem is (if you did not purchase insurance), that the smartphone we know and love tends to have a higher value than what we had originally paid for it. Through a contract that we signed or renewed or a trade-in agreement, the phone company provides means for us to enjoy a $1,000 phone without having to come up with the cash upfront. This can be a wonderful situation. But what happens when the $1,000 phone is damaged? Replacement is out of the question if you are still in contract. Going directly to the manufacturer can be just as expensive as purchasing a new phone. Calling a phone repair shop can be a gamble. So now what? Let's talk about the most common types of phone damage and what it means to you.

 Must Have Cell Phone Repair Center Requirements

  • Get your phone working as soon as possible.

Will you get your phone back in a few hours or a few days? Most Phone Repair Centers should be able to fix your phone with a few hours. It is not uncommon that a part may need to be special ordered. In this case, you should request to keep your phone until the service work is ready to be performed. Once the part arrives, then you will need to allow the phone service repair center to complete the service. 

  • Validate that original manufacturer or high-quality replacement parts are used (without paying ridiculous prices)

Be wary of an estimate or quote that is significantly less expensive than the rest. Always ask the repair center if they are using Original Manufacturer parts for the repair or off brand parts. Off-brand parts may save you money in the short term, but the long term most 3rd party parts are of lower quality and tend to have more problems in the long run. 

  • Confirm that your personal information is safe throughout the process

Make sure you backup your device to the cloud or to your computer before leaving your smartphone with a repair center. Feel free to ask if they can make a backup of your data prior to performing the repairs, and make sure they encrypt the backup with a password. If something catastrophic happens during the repair process and your data is lost, having a current backup will ensure that you do not lose any data. 

  • Make sure they offer a warranty on parts and labor.

Ask what type of warranty they offer on the work performed. A standard warranty should cover parts and labor for a specific period of time. The warranty will protect you from manufacturer defects and poor quality labor practices. 

  • The phone operates as well as it originally did before the damage

When you receive the phone back after the repair makes sure you immediately inspect the phone. Do this directly in front of the staff member that is assisting you. Do NOT hesitate to speak up and point out any issues or concerns. Your best chance of having the issue resolved is during the checkout process. Make sure this is PRIOR to taking the phone home. If you take the phone home without disclosing any issues they may not honor the warranty or claim that the issue is due to something that you have done to the phone. 

  • The price for repair is fair 

We recommend getting at a minimum 2 estimates of service. 3 quotes would be ideal. This will give you an idea of what the market is dictating for the price. Do not go for the most expensive obviously, and avoid the cheapest as well. 

25 Most Common Phone Issues

  1. Dropped My Phone
  2. Sat On My Phone
  3. Phone Has Water Damage
  4. Phone Charging Port Does Not Work
  5. Phone Cell Battery Doesn't Hold A Charge
  6. Phone Charging Port Does NOT Work
  7. Forgot Password Phone Password / Phone Is Locked
  8. Phone Randomly Shuts Off
  9. Phone Will Not Turn On 
  10. Phone Has No Sound / Audio
  11. Phone Screen is Cracked
  12. Touch Screen Not Working on Phone
  13. Home Button Not Working
  14. Fingerprint Reader Not Working
  15. Broken Phone Charger
  16. Phone Ran Out Of Space
  17. Phone Has A Virus
  18. Camera Not Working
  19. Phone Is Running Slow
  20. Phone Freezes
  21. Phone Apps Crash
  22. Phone Wifi Not Working
  23. SD Card Slot Not Working
  24. Cannot Unlock Phone
  25. Phone Will Not Dial 

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